Welcome to the bicycle maintenance workshop, dedicated to preserving the performance and durability of your faithful companion, whether regular or electric. To meet your specific needs, we offer three maintenance packages adapted to different levels of use.

400K Formula – “Essential”
The “Essential” package is designed for occasional and urban cyclists who travel approximately 400 kilometers before requiring maintenance.

1000KM Formula – “Performance”
The “Performance” formula is aimed at more diligent cyclists who cover around 1000 kilometers before considering in-depth maintenance.

2000KM Formula – “Excellence”
The “Excellence” package is aimed at avid cyclists who reach around 2000 kilometers before thinking about maintenance.

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Our team of experts at Giant Mont Tremblant workshop is ready to take care of your faithful two-wheeled companion. Whether your bike is regular or electric, give it the maintenance it deserves.

Benefit from a dedicated team that will perform necessary adjustments, electrical diagnostics for e-bikes, and ensure that every component of your bike is performing at its best.

Trust our expertise and give your bike the treatment it deserves.